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Atom Switch, Inc. will be attending GenCon 2017, the 50th anniversary of Indianapolis' monstrous gaming convention from August 17th to the 20th!


We will have an Event Space table running the entire convention with hours scheduled for open demo time as well as several different types of D&D 5E campaigns and dungeon delves throughout the day running on InfinitasDM.

Come by, say hello, and get an up-close and personal look at INFINITASDM!

1-Hour Lightning Delves

The Trial Of Champions

Battle Against Time

The ghost of a great warrior holds his ethereal throne deep in the caves of the Balmaar Mountains. Race against the clock to defeat them all and earn the title of Ultimate Champion!


With chambers that focus on different combat skills and abilities you'll need a diverse party to make it to the finish line.

This Lightning Delve is speed and combat focused but also includes some non-combat problem solving, for level 10 players.

It's a battle against time as you find yourselves trapped atop tower ruins, ready to crumble. Fight your way to the bottom and escape before they cave in for good!


Each level of the tower features a different threat requiring evolving strategies as you make your way to freedom.


This Lightning Delve is a speed and combat focused dungeon delve for level 10 players.

2-Hour Dungeon Delves

Call of The Barrow Downs

Fungus Among-Us

A Demilich has come back from the beyond, reborn. Retrieve the key to his tomb from the barrow of an epic hero and find the four weapons of power to put an end to his vile treachery in this 2 hour Dungeon Delve.


You'll need strength as well as wits to gain the advantage against this undead master. Designed for level 10 players.

An evil power has forced a group of Myconids to rise from the underdark and has turned a group of dwarven miners into their Spore Servants.


Strike through an winding underground cave system and put an end to the fungonoid monstrosities before they can reach the town's underground water reservoir and flood it with mind control spores!


This 2 hour delve is designed for level 10 players.

4-Hour Mini-Campaign

Through The Glowing Fields

Travel deep beneath the earth to save a group of peace loving Myconids from a monstrous scourge wreaking havoc in the Glowing Fields in this combat and story driven mini-campaign.


Explore a massive network of caves, obtain help and clues from people of the Mycanoid's fungal city, and strike out into the maze-like depths of the glowing fields, and find out what could be driving the powerful beast to terrorize these peaceful creatures in a 4 hour campaign designed for level 10 players.

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